House District 37 candidate: Mitch Swoboda

Farmington Voice is profiling the two candidates running on November 6 to represent the 37h District in the Michigan House of Representatives: Democrat Christine Greig and Republican Mitch Swoboda. 

Mitch Swoboda

Mitch Swoboda
Mitch Swoboda (contributed)

1. Why have you chosen to run for state representative?

I feel I can make a difference in serving the citizens of Farmington/Farmington Hills. As a former insurance agent I have insights at how to lower rates. My leadership skills I learned in the Air Force and USCG Aux will benefit my district. I am a problem solver and know how to get things done.

2. How will you connect with local residents while serving in Lansing?

I have put my phone number on my web page I love to hear from my constituency. If I don’t have the answers I will research and get the information.

3. If you’re elected, what two issues will you work to address first?

Lower insurance rates and work to improve our schools.

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