Hills woman needs volunteers for women’s history project

Farmington Hills resident Bobbi Ebsen is looking for volunteers to help with Michigan’s share of the “Votes for Women National Trail (NCWHS)” project.

Suffragettes parade in New York City circa 1912. (ncwhs.org)
Suffragettes parade in New York City circa 1912. (ncwhs.org)

In honor of the August 26, 2020 centennial celebration of woman’s suffrage in the United States, NCWHS is leading the effort to develop a nation-wide Votes for Women Trail that will highlight the role of each state in the 72-year battle to achieve women’s suffrage. Ebsen is Michigan’s state coordinator.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

“We need to find and research all sites in Michigan that have a history with the women’s suffrage movement,” she said. “We will enter that information into a comprehensive database that will be used to populate an interactive nationwide map, which will – for the first time – represent the complete story of the struggle for women’s suffrage.”

The project’s ultimate objective, Ebsen said, is to show how social change occurs, to honor the suffrage movement’s countless participants, and to inspire future generations to treasure their right to vote.

To help out, contact Ebsen, bobbiebsen@gmail.com or 734-223-6014.

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