Help Hillside Elementary raise funds for leukemia charity

Hillside Elementary School in Farmington Hills has joined the “Hero Squad” again this year to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS).

Beckett Eastman
Beckett Eastman, a third-grade student at Hillside turns in a donation to Ms. Kherkher for the Hero Squad. (Farmington Public Schools)

Over the past four years, Hillside has raised $36,166.65 for the charity. This cause has directly impacted the school; one staff member lost their child to leukemia and another staff member’s brother is still battling the disease.

“The Hero Squad initiative is all about raising money so no one else has to face these tragedies,” principal Rob Kauffman said in a press release. “It’s kids supporting kids.”

Hillside’s goal this year is to raise $6,000. The Student Lighthouse team made commercials shared with families, and parents can “Chuck Your Change” in the car line during arrival and dismissal. Students have set up weekly fundraising goals, and incentives include:

  • Week 1- Principal Kauffman will get a pie in the face.
  • Week 2 – The teacher with the most kids that donate will get slimed, and the teacher who has the student with the most donations will get slimed.
  • Week 3 – Principal Kauffman will eat crickets.

Students have not yet decided what Kauffman will do if they reach their $6,000 goal.

“Watching the students unite through teamwork, empathy, and respect for others shows their leadership, and they strive to achieve the ultimate Hero Squad goal, a world without blood cancer,” teacher Nichole Kherkher said.

“You know what they say, if you want to feel good, make someone else feel good,” teacher Jaime Manville added.

As of March 21, the school has almost reached its record-breaking goal. You can contribute here:

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