Harrison coach speaks at Prep Football Legacy Forum

Harrison High head football coach John Herrington told guests at a January 18 Prep Football Legacy Forum panel discussion that his coaching philosophy hasn’t changed much over the years, but one thing has.

“One thing I’d say that I’ve had to bend a little bit to the particular players I got, I used to play the Big Ten fight songs in the locker room before the game and now we got hip-hop and rap in my locker room so I shut the door and try not to hear it,” he said.

L John Herrington C Al Fracassa R Tom Mach Jan 18 2018 Prep Football Legacy Forum MI Sports Legacy Conservancy
From left, John Herrington, Al Fracassa, and Tom Mach spoke at the January 18 Prep Football Legacy Forum MI Sports Legacy Conservancy. (contributed photo)

Herrington joined Al Fracassa and Tom Mach to headline the event held at the Lansing Center. Herrington last year became the winningest coach in Michigan high school football history, surpassing Fracassa with his 431st win in mid-October.


Herrington also talked about player safety: “It’s all about tackling with the shoulder and keeping the head out of it and the kids are getting better with it. They had the spearing rule, which they don’t call any more. We had to deal with that, you know where you come in first with your head, got that out of the game and I think it’s getting much safer. I don’t think the kids hit with their heads nearly as much.”

The event was hosted by the Michigan Sports Legacy Conservancy (MSLC) in partnership with the Michigan High School Football Coaches Association (MHSFCA) at the annual MHSFCA Winner’s Circle Clinic.

“The Michigan Sports Legacy Conservancy was extremely pleased to host this landmark event featuring three legendary coaches, John Herrington, Al Fracassa and Tom Mach who in total have won more than 1,200 games in their high school careers,” said Jim Stark, MSLC Conservancy executive director and Farmington resident. “While the three legends are best known for winning games and championships, their legacy will be as champions on and off the field who helped mold boys into men.”

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