‘Hackboxes’ provide food, essentials for locals in need

Farmington Public Schools’ United Robotics Team, Hackbots 3414, this year created and installed several “Hackboxes” to provide support for those in need.

The Hackboxes have been stocked with food, toiletry, and cleaning items, as well as elementary-level STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) kits that will be rotated.

Hackboxes have been installed at:

Longacre Hackbox
(Farmington Public Schools)

Longacre Elementary School (The Giving Spot), 34850 Arundel Street, Farmington

Lanigan Hackbox
(Farmington Public Schools)

Lanigan Elementary School (Eagles’ Landing), 23800 Tuck Road, Farmington Hills

Hackbox 10 Mile
(Farmington Public Schools)

Outside of the Maxfield Education Center, 32789 W. 10 Mile, Farmington

This Hackbots project was completed in partnership with Operation Common Good, a nonprofit that provides assistance to Farmington Public Schools students and families in need. Anyone from the community can donate items by leaving them at a Hackbox, or take whatever they need.

To learn more about the Hackbots, visit fpsrobotics.com.

Correction: The name of the facility on 10 Mile was incorrectly reported in the original version of this post. 

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