Guidelines, deadlines for election-related letters

Got an opinion about this year’s local elections?

If you support a candidate or have an opinion on the Headlee restoration millage ballot question, Farmington Voice welcomes letters to the editor. Here’s what you should know before you submit:

  • Letters may be sent to or to 33414 Oakland St., #2, Farmington MI 48335.
  • There is not specific limit, but we strongly suggest submissions of no more than 800 words.
  • Submissions must include your name, address, and phone number. Your street address and phone number will not be published.
  • All letters will be accepted through midnight on Saturday, November 5. Letters responding to new issues raised late in the week before the election will be accepted through midnight on Sunday, November 5.

We reserve the right to reject any letter for any reason. Pro tip: Include links to your source of information.

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