Get to know your neighbors through these Facebook groups

Farmington and Farmington Hills residents gather online in groups that focus on neighborhoods, crime prevention, kindness, and more.

Kelli Carpenter-Crawford said she connects with her homeowners association group, where neighbors share activities, items for sale, notices about lost pets and more.

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“In my opinion, they extend the in-person relationships and work groups that I belong to and connect us when we are not together,” she said. “They also are a main form of information and event sharing.”

If you’re interested in connecting with your neighbors, here are six groups you should consider joining:

Buy Nothing

Buy Nothing is divided geographically, East and West. Members of this “gift economy” group post items they’d like to give away, lend, or share, and ask for anything they’d like to receive for free or borrow.

Farmington Neighborhood Chat

Farmington Neighborhood Chat members must first join a Buy Nothing group. The chat group centers around conversations outside of Buy Nothing, such as requests for information, referrals and advice.

Farmington and the Hills Buy Sell Trade

Farmington & the Hills Buy, Sell, Trade, or Give It Away is a moderated group with nearly 3,000 members. Items posted in the forum include everything from household appliances, clothing, and furniture to campers and cars.

Farmington & Farmington Hills Community News & Discussion is moderated by Oakland County Times. You’ll find local news stories from both the Times and Farmington Voice.

Farmington Area Kindness Rocks


Farmington Citizens for Safety

Farmington Citizens For Safety & Crime Prevention is a citizen-led effort to build a model for responsible and effective safety and crime prevention strategies in our community.

You can also join our Farmington Voice patrons group by supporting us monthly via Paypal, Patreon, or with a one-time contribution. Group members learn about stories in process, share comments for publication, and see content not available on our website. 

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