Fundraising drive targets Farmington neighborhood park

A fundraising drive organized by south Farmington residents aims to bring more fun to Flanders Park.

Flanders Park
This is the way Flanders Park looks today. (Contributed)

Located on the former Flanders Elementary School site, the park was part of a re-development project that created the Riverwalk of Farmington subdivision. Two playscapes from the school playground failed to meet safety standards for re-installation in the new park, leading families to seek out other options.

The neighborhood started a GoFundMe page that has raised over $7,500 so far toward a $40,000 goal, and many of the donors are passionate about the project.

Flanders Park future
This is an example showing how the improved park might look. (Contributed)

“I grew up in this neighborhood, and that park is a big part of my childhood,” said Josh Mansfield, a resident in the Farmington Meadows Subdivision and the owner of The Rolling Stoves restaurant. “I want my own kids to make their memories there too, so my family is supporting this initiative 100 percent.”

Josh’s wife Carli added, “Having a vibrant neighborhood park with lots of play options makes our community stronger and more healthy. Outdoor play in a safe, open greenspace is definitely a benefit for families.”

Residents are asking for community support through:

  • donations via the GoFundMe page,
  • sharing the link to the fundraiser on social media, or
  • connecting the neighborhood to community health organizations that can match funds raised.

Anyone interested in hosting a park fundraiser may contact organizers via the GoFundMe page.

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