Friendship Circle benefits from Harrison High fundraiser

Harrison High School’s 6th Annual Special Education Benefit, held on Friday, April 20, raised $4,000 for Friendship Circle of Michigan.

The non-profit organization’s goal is to provide every individual with special needs the support of friendship and inclusion.

Harrison High Friendship Circle benefit

Launched by a former Farmington Public Schools’ student who wanted to do something unique for her final exam, the Harrison benefit has raised more than $7,000 over the past three years. 

Several general education peer students act as buddies to Harrison’s special needs students. Some of these students volunteer numerous hours to help support their friends in a wide range of ways, including the benefit being one of them.

For the last five years, paraprofessional Ann Zatzick and special education teacher Connie Rubino have taken over the benefit.

“While the support that our District, our families, and our local businesses have shown us over the last six years isn’t surprising, it is incredible and truly appreciated,” said Zatzick. “It was a great night for a great cause.”

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