FPS teacher helped create home learning resources

Danya Stump
Danya Stump (Farmington Public Schools)

A Farmington Public Schools special education teacher recently worked with a state-wide early childhood program and public television to provide developmental resources for families.

Danya Stump, early childhood special education teacher for Farmington’s Early Childhood program joined a committee of educators who partnered with Build Up Michigan, PBS, and Gud Marketing. Their goal was gathering at-home resources that help young children in targeted areas of development.

The committee met once a week throughout the summer and included teachers, social workers, principals, special education teachers, representatives from the Michigan Department of Education, and other educators from around the state. Stump and her group gathered websites, webinars, activities, and select PBS shows. They also developed commercial spots featuring children from around Michigan that highlighted specific areas of development, and a PBS kids’ show was paired with each area.

“Having people from across the state come together and focus on the common goal of supporting young children was amazing,” Stump said.

Families interested in learning more about the project can visit buildupmi.org/thrive. Follow Build Up Michigan at facebook.com/BuildUpMich/. To see the Thrive from Home Resources, visit farmington.k12.mi.us/Page/494.

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