FPS chief: New plan will speed communication, answers

Farmington Schools this week launched a district-wide communications plan designed to reduce frustration and rumors, better solve problems, and free up time for learning, Superintendent Dr. Robert Herrera said Wednesday.

Channels of Communication

Presented in graphic form, the plan aims to quickly connect anyone – even a student – with a staffer who can provide the help they need.

“The goal is not to run people around, but to actually help you find information with the person who is best suited to provide that information,” Herrera said during a 6 p.m. school board meeting at the Schulman Administrative Center. “It also helps us resolve issues at the appropriate level.”

The plan, which starts at the building level and moves up through various department contacts to the superintendent’s office and, finally, the Board of Education, has overwhelming support from administrators, he added.

Trustee Richard Mukamal asked how officials could evaluate the new system. Herrera said his gauge for its success would be the reaction of parents when they reach his level.

“I do think we will see a reduction of calls coming to the Central Office and the Superintendent’s office,” he said. “My experience is that things begin to be resolved at the building level. Those are the relationships that need to be developed… rather than thinking we need Central Office to come in and resolve issues between parents and administrators or teachers.”

Mukamal suggested evaluating the process from the perspective of customer service. Herrera said a survey might be possible and suggested a discussion about “what information the board may be seeking.”

He also encouraged anyone with a concern to contact him before speaking during public comment at a board meeting, because trustees typically do not respond to comments and may not have information needed to solve the problem.

“I would encourage every parent to start with the building principal,” Herrera added.

You can review supporting materials for this and other agenda items at v3.boardbook.org/Public/PublicMeetingMaterials.aspx?ak=1000199&mk=50342148

Watch a video recording of this meeting at farmington.vod.castus.tv/vod

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