FPS candidates on return to school: Steven Goldberg

Editor’s note: Farmington Voice readers have asked that we pose one more question to Farmington Public Schools candidates: Where do you stand on sending students back into the classroom? We’re publishing responses as they are received. 

Steven Goldberg (six-year term)

There are many good reasons to provide students an opportunity to learn in-person before the availability of a widely accepted vaccine. While I’m not an expert in the measures our district should use, many other districts and private schools have figured out how to return to in-person learning well before us. If the district feels it is unsafe to return to in-person learning because of the unique impact of the virus in our district, the Board should bring that to the forefront.

That said, returning to in-person learning will only work if we have a truly viable plan that meets the needs and reflects the input of students, parents, teachers and others. It’s not clear to me that we have such a plan.

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