Former North Farmington student injured after game

A former North Farmington student was seriously injured during an altercation following a January 10 basketball game at the school.

The student now attends West Bloomfield High and was a member of the Lakers‘ varsity team playing the Raiders that evening.

Farmington Public Schools Superintendent Bob Herrera sent a letter to families on Thursday that described the incident as a fight between a North Farmington and a West Bloomfield student:

“The Farmington Hills Police Department, with assistance from the West Bloomfield Police Department, identified other West Bloomfield students who directly participated in the fight while the two students were fighting on the ground. Unfortunately, we found out later during the weekend that the West Bloomfield student sustained injuries during the incident. This is very unsettling and we send healing thoughts to the West Bloomfield student.”

Farmington Hills Police Department Assistant Chief Dan Rodriguez said school liaison officers are investigating.

“We’re working closely with the school district to sort this whole thing out,” he said.

Based upon findings of the investigation, Herrera said “appropriate discipline will be issued where warranted.”

”This is not the behavior that we expect from our students nor is this the norm in Farmington Public Schools,” he concluded, adding that the district could not release any further information because of student privacy rights and the ongoing investigation.

The injured student’s mother spoke with WJBK-TV on Friday and provided additional information about the altercation, the student’s injuries, and bullying that she says led her to transfer her son out of the district:

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