Former Farmington mayor collaborates on ‘Day One’

A recently released novel by two local authors shares a story of personal transformation through the life of a man suffering from COVID-19.

Day One: The first steps to a meaningful lifeLong-time Farmington resident and former mayor Tom Buck co-wrote Day One: The first steps to a meaningful life with friend and business partner Gary Gabel. It’s the second book for both; Buck wrote 101 Ways to Power Up Your Job Search and Gabel, Personal Takeover: Create a Professional Life Full of Optimism, Energy and Impact.

Buck said Gabel, a West Bloomfield resident, approached him about collaborating on Day One.

“Gary is a top executive, and he can relate to the character,” Buck said. “He also went through some life changes.”

The book’s protagonist, Paul Bryant, reflects on his life as a workaholic executive as he is placed on a ventilator. While facing a health crisis, Bryant considers his life experiences, including a divorce and estrangement from his family, and explores the path to a purposeful life.

While the story is fictional, Buck said he and Gabel intended to convey some life lessons. Buck said he enjoyed the writing process, but most enjoyed working with Gabel. He considers the book an extension of the work they’ve done together.

“Gary’s a great partner,” he said. “We made assignments to each other, so we knew who was working on what… For him, it had to be presented as a good story.”

Buck said he hopes that someone will pick up the message that “we all have a Day One. We all have a chance to move to a different place and make things happen for the people around us and for ourselves. That happens every day.”

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