Farmington Voices: CARES serves growing need

Launched three years ago on the site of a former Catholic church, CARES of Farmington Hills emerged from the need to preserve an existing food pantry.

When the non-profit took over in late 2016, the pantry was serving 130 families and initially grew to around 150. Director Todd Lipa said that after hiring Delores Watters as pantry manager, CARES moved from a typical pantry that gave people pre-determined packages of food to a self-serve “grocery store” model that offered guests a greater sense of dignity.

The non-profit quickly doubled the number of people served, and growth continued through last year. But nothing could have prepare organizers for the growth they’ve experienced since Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) hit Farmington and Farmington Hills.

In our newest episodes of Farmington Voices, Lipa and Watters talk about how CARES serves guests, and how the last few weeks have shown them the very best of our community.

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