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If you think October 31 will be the last Farmington Farmers Market of the season, think again.

In a two-part episode of Farmington Voices, a podcast sharing conversations about Farmington and Farmington Hills, market manager Walt Gajewski talks about an unusual 2020 market season, which will last one week longer.

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Farmington Farmers Market Opening Day
The Farmington Farmers Market Opening Day was all about social distancing between vendors and customers.

Gajewski said that a quiet opening day in May has been followed by steadily growing – and now record-breaking – attendance.

“We were very tentative, we were constantly looking over our shoulder, are we doing this right, are people going to come,” he said. “And I think the community felt the same way. I think people were a little leery of taking a step out into the community.”

Farmington Farmers Market
By the end of July, the Farmington Farmers Market expanded into Riley Park.

Initial restrictions included limiting vendors, requiring masks, a no-touch rule for produce, no dogs, and a defined social distancing path. The least popular rule of one family member per household was relatively short-lived.

“As we were able to lift restrictions, and with warmer temperatures coming on as well, I think people’s spirits rose, and the attendance started to follow along those lines,” Gajewski said. “What we didn’t know was how overwhelming the support would be.”

By the October 24 market, attendance topped last year’s record, with more than 80,000 people over 23 weeks.

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