Farmington Voice 2021 watchlist: Local elections

Odd years bring Farmington and Farmington Hills city elections, which will be interesting to watch in 2021.

This is one of 2020’s cliffhangers, stories that promise major developments in the coming year. 

Farmington Hills

With the departure of Samantha Steckloff, who won a Michigan House of Representatives seat in November, council members will appoint a new colleague in early 2021. Count on officials to ask applicants whether they intend to run for the full term in November. (Read more: APPLICATIONS DUE JANUARY 7 FOR HILLS CITY COUNCIL POST)

Also up for re-election are Valerie Knol, first elected in 2013, and Michael Bridges, who has served since 2008. Bridges ran unsuccessfully in this year’s Democratic primary for the State House seat and made a bid for mayor in 2015.

Mayor Vicki Barnett’s term also ends in 2021. She served on council from 1995 to 2003, and as mayor from 2003 to 2007. She was returned to that post in 2019, after three terms in the State House.


Voters in Farmington will fill two four-year and one two-year term in November. Up for re-election are Maria Taylor, who won her first term in 2017; David DeLind, who was appointed in February to fill the unexpired term of Bill Galvin; and Steven Schneemann, who won a four-year term in 2015 and a two-year term in 2019.

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