Farmington vape biz gets second ticket for selling to minors

A downtown Farmington retailer has received a second citation for selling nicotine-based vape products to minors.

An 18-year-old clerk at V.I.P Vape and Smoke Shop, 33317 Grand River, sold to an underage decoy during a December 17 compliance check. Police issued the Dearborn resident a local ordinance violation, which carries a $250 fine.

Public Safety Director Frank Demers said 10 other businesses known to sell vape products passed the test.

“The public safety department is committed to ensuring that businesses that sell vape products are doing so according to state laws and local ordinances,” he said. “In an effort to ensure compliance, we routinely enlist the help of underage decoys, who are paired up with a plain-clothed officer, to go into these businesses to attempt to purchase vape products.”

VIP Vape and Smoke was also cited in August of 2018 for selling tobacco products to an underage decoy.

“Underage use of nicotine-based vape products is a problem in our community, particularly among our school-aged population,” Demers said. “Based on VIP Vape and Smoke’s past history of violations, it’s clear that they have established a pattern of non-compliance with laws to reduce underage use and possession of vape products and, as a result, they are contributing to the vape problem in our community.”

Demers commended the following businesses for compliance with the law:

• Tweeny’s Deli – 34707 Grand River Avenue

• The Smoke Don – 34785 Grand River Avenue

• Mobil Gas & 7-11 – 35355 Grand River Avenue

• Marathon Gas – 32340 Grand River Avenue

• Sunoco Gas – 31233 Grand River Avenue

• Valero Gas – 33330 8 Mile Road

• Shell Gas – 37375 Grand River

• Johnny Weekend – 31632 Grand River

• Great Lakes Vapor – 31505 Grand River Avenue

• Antonio’s Liquor – 22804 Orchard Lake Road

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