Farmington televises sewer line after weekend flooding

Residents of Mayfield and Manning in Farmington asked city officials Monday to find a solution for the flooding that turned their streets into rivers during a heavy Saturday rain storm.

Flooding on Mayfield
Council member Maria Taylor took this photo of Saturday flooding on Mayfield.

Nicole Rottet, who has lived on Mayfield for 11 years, said the street has flooded three times this year. A video she posted on social media during the storm brought council member Maria Taylor out to have a look at the scene. Taylor said the water as she stood on the sidewalk had risen to thigh-level and would have been deeper on the street.

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“It appears to me there is a collapse of the storm sewer,” Rottet said, describing dips in the asphalt that appeared a few years ago and have since been patched.

Public Works Superintendent Chuck Eudy said that video cameras sent through the line showed no failure of the storm sewer, but did uncover some issues with tree roots that will likely be removed by a contractor.

Eudy said city crews inspected “no fewer than 10 locations” affected by the storm, which dumped more than two inches of rain on the city in just under two hours. An inch-and-a-half fell in the first hour alone.

“This rain event was very unusual,” he said. “These severe rain events are becoming more frequent, and they’re becoming larger scale.”

Eudy said his department is documenting flooded areas and investigating why storm water does not go “where it’s supposed to go.”

“It sounds like there’s a possibility, when these sewers were put in, they weren’t designed to have a rain event like we had over the weekend,” Mayor Steven Schneemann said. “We’re going to do everything we can from an administrative perspective to address this.”

CorrectionMr. Eudy’s title was incorrectly reported in the original version of this post.

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