Farmington Schools trustees postpone search firm pick

Citing the need for more research, Farmington Schools trustees on Tuesday postponed a decision to select a superintendent search firm.

Bob Herrera, who was hired in 2019, resigned last November. Bobbie Hayes-Goodrum is serving as interim superintendent through June 30.

Trustees have interviewed Michigan Association of School Boards (MASB), MLI/Metro Bureau, McPherson & Jacobson, Hazard Young Attea & Associates, School Exec Connect, and Ray & Associates. Proposals range in cost from around $10,000 to $23,000 and can be viewed on the district’s website.

While Tuesday’s agenda included discussion and selection of a firm, some officials said they hadn’t had an opportunity to check references.

Evaluation criteria included quality and experience, overall presentation, price and other factors, board president Terri Weems said. Each board member took responsibility for checking a few firms and did internet research as well.

Trustees will meet on February 12, 4 p.m., solely for the purpose of selecting a firm. Information about viewing and participating in public comment are posted on the district’s website. The agenda is posted here:

View Tuesday’s discussion:






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