Farmington Schools to offer expanded summer programs

Farmington Public Schools (FPS) plans a return to full-time, in-person classes this fall, as well as opportunities for students to keep learning in the meantime.

Director of Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Margaret Hendrickson said the district’s summer program will grow this year. Students will have remote and in-person opportunities to work with Farmington Schools teachers.

“We wanted to make sure there were enrichment as well as intervention opportunities,” she said, adding classes will be either free or low-cost.

Online, in-person classes

All elementary students will have access to online math and reading enrichment programs. Hendrickson said the district will provide families with a model schedule and additional activities. 

Other offerings will include:

  • Camp Read – a multi-week, half-day program for K-5 students
  • CLASS – a multi-week, half-day English language learner program
  • Special Education – speciality programs, supported by special education staff
  • Camp Enrichment – multi-week partial or full day camp experience, with STEM (Science Technology Engineering Math), literacy, and math enrichment.

“We’re ensuring that we’re meeting a broad range of students with literacy and math support, as well as opportunities to be engaged differently outdoors… so that we can keep brains growing as we get ready for launching the school year,” Hendrickson said.

Secondary expansion

At the secondary level, the district has added more varied academic opportunities, remote and in-person, and also free or low-cost. Students will have virtual opportunities for credit recovery, as in the past.

Programs will include:

  • Middle School Innovation Lab, with STEM, project-based learning opportunities
  • Secondary credit recovery and advancement courses, with staff support
  • Secondary Booster Learning, through which students in grades 6-12 can take a class in math or English language arts. Supported by staff, the courses help solidify and extend learning between grade levels.

While programs are online, Hendrickson said, “We are going to have in-person learning labs where students can come in… and have in-person support by our staff.”

The district will also offer transition programming specific to students who will be entering 6th and 9th grades, for math and literacy. That’s under development, Hendrickson said.

Trustee Donald Walker asked about preparations to move to remote learning, should COVID-19 numbers prompt a school shutdown. Hendrickson said CLASS and Camp Read were offered virtually last summer, and staff is looking at how to pivot camp programs.

Full days in the fall

Assistant Superintendent for Innovation and Strategic Initiatives Kelly Coffin said plans call for five full days in the fall. Families are now choosing between in-person or remote learning.

Coffin said the district did not go remote for two weeks after spring break, as others did, because FPS has not experienced the same spread of COVID-19 through schools.

“We’ve had to quarantine classrooms, but we have yet to have school spread in a way that we can even connect it to school,” Coffin said.

There will be fewer students in buildings over the next few weeks due to standardized testing, she added.

View the board meeting (discussion starts around the 37:00 mark):

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