Farmington Schools students win Superintendent’s Awards

Two dozen students received the Farmington Public Schools’ Superintendent’s Awards of Excellence during a breakfast held May 22 at Glen Oaks Country Club in Farmington Hills.

Honored middle school and high school students are selected based on their outstanding scholarship, exemplary citizenship, and active participation in extracurricular school events in their respective schools. Once selected, students are then asked to choose a staff member who has made a difference in his/her life.

Students were recognized for leadership roles in student organizations, their involvement in Advanced Placement (AP) classes, mentorships, athletics, music, arts, fundraising, and volunteering, all while maintaining impressive grade point averages.

Farmington Schools Superintendents Award

Honored Students

  • Austin Anthony, Farmington High, Grade 12
  • Emma Anzivino, East Middle, Grade 8
  • Samantha Cherney, North Farmington High, Grade 12
  • Ava Farquhar, North Farmington High, Grade 11
  • Gregory Kosiba, North Farmington High, Grade 10
  • Paris Lamb, East Middle, Grade 8
  • Thomas Lichtenberg, Harrison High, Grade 11
  • Yash Mehta, Warner Middle, Grade 8
  • Akhila Mullapudi, Farmington High, Grade 9
  • Andrew Pan, Harrison High, Grade 9
  • Taylor Phillips-Turner, Farmington Central High, Grade 11
  • Madison Ramsey Warner Middle School Grade 8
  • Aidan Riley, Power Middle, Grade 8
  • Conrad Schug, East Middle, Grade 8
  • Jein Eleanor Seo, Harrison High, Grade 12
  • Nikhil Sheth, Warner Middle, Grade 8
  • Kriti Shirodkar, Power Middle, Grade 8
  • Aniyah Stokes, Harrison High, Grade 10
  • Jack Sweeting, Farmington High, Grade 10
  • Libbey Taylor, Farmington High, Grade 11
  • Abigail Thibodeau, North Farmington High, Grade 9
  • Leneshia Todd, Farmington Central High, Grade 12
  • Praneet Voleti, Power Middle, Grade 8

Honored Staff

  • Mark Azeez, Farmington High
  • Polly Bachrouche, Harrison High
  • Tumija Banks, Harrison High
  • David Beazley, East Middle
  • Denise Cadwell, Farmington Central High
  • Courtney Colpan, Harrison High
  • Jennifer Deledda, Farmington High
  • Christina Fifield, East Middle
  • Jeremy Gold, Farmington High
  • Terri Haas, Farmington Central High
  • Peter Irwin, Beechview Elementary
  • Alice Ju, Power Middle
  • Robert Kauffman, Hillside Elementary
  • Steven Korpusik, Farmington High
  • Anthony Leonardo, North Farmington High
  • Martha Mathison, Warner Middle
  • Ryan Potter, Warner Middle
  • Erika Rust, North Farmington High
  • Keichea Shauntee-Wilson, Power Middle
  • Nanette Simmons, Warner Middle
  • Susan Szegedi, North Farmington High
  • Jon Vondrasek, Warner Middle
  • Erin Young, Power Middle

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