Farmington Schools still losing students, but not as fast

Farmington Public Schools has 25 fewer students this fall than officials anticipated – and the largest kindergarten class in more than a decade.

Superintendent Robert Herrera told school board members Wednesday that enrollment trends show the decline in student population appears to be slowing. A 10-year trend (fall 2008-fall 2018) showed an average loss of 256 full-time equivalent (FTE) students; a 5-year trend, 193 FTEs; and the more recent 3-year trend, 62 FTEs.

The student count done in the fall is “hopefully a very good estimate of where we’re at,” Herrera said. “You can see that our population is stabilizing.”

“We’ll be able to plan and prepare for programming and spaces better than we have in the past when we had major shifts year to year,” he added.

Herrera explained that head count related to funding is a “blended count”, 90 percent of the fall count and 10 percent of the prior year’s spring count. He said he would talk with the board’s Finance committee about how to factor the loss of 25 students into the district budget.

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