Farmington Schools principals issue ‘Water Wars’ warnings

With the end of the school year approaching, Farmington Public Schools high school principals have warned students and parents about a popular – and potentially dangerous – spring game.

“Water Wars,” which is organized by students, has teams shooting at each other with water guns. The goal is to soak an opponent, who then has to give up a wristband and leave the game. Rules, brackets, and other information are posted on social media, and playing on school grounds is strictly prohibited.

The problem, school officials and police have said, is that kids may not always make good decisions as they chase after each other in cars.

Last May, police ticketed a Farmington High School senior for reckless driving after she took a turn too quickly and lost control of her vehicle, which glanced off a telephone pole. Fortunately, no one was injured.

“While I believe that the students who have organized this elaborate game have made earnest and serious efforts to account for safety, students do not always use the best decision-making in following these guidelines,” Farmington High Principal Tom Shelton wrote in a Thursday email. “Our police agencies have also indicated a rise in trespassing and reckless driving incidents during these games, suggesting a disregard for property or the people around them.”

Principals say they have no issue with the game when it’s played safely and off school grounds.

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