Farmington Schools counsel: Nothing to investigate in Heitsch complaints

We know more about a formal complaint filed against Superintendent George Heitsch, but Farmington Public Schools officials will not pursue an independent investigation of seven allegations made by a district parent.

Board of Education president Terri Weems on Tuesday withdrew a recommendation from a board subcommittee for an outside review of the complaint, which was filed in early December. Heitsch declined an offer to discuss the employment matter in a closed session, an option available to him under the Open Meetings Act.

The allegations include an old complaint over a comment Heitsch made about the parent moving to another district, a concern about the Farmington/Farmington Hills Education Foundation being responsible for Robotics and Lego competitions, handling of the Harrison High transition, a complaint regarding a school administrator, Warner Middle School traffic, compliance with the Individuals with Disabilities Act, and Google passwords.

Weems said the district’s counsel reviewed the complaint and, in a memo, agreed with committee members that none of the issues violated district policy or procedure, and did not “constitute misconduct, discriminatory behavior, or violations of law that warrant disciplinary action.”

“The fact that a parent may disagree with the way things are done in the district… does not constitute just cause for discipline,” Weems said, quoting the memo. “That being said, the board may choose to use the information to issue directives as to how certain matters are how to be handled in the future.”

The memo also noted that because the facts are not in dispute, there is nothing to investigate.

Trustees asked administrators to further examine allegations about the Individuals with Disabilities Act and Google passwords. Weems said the parent would be notified after those reports are received.

Board vice president Terry Johnson said even though no laws or policies were broken, he didn’t appreciate the conversations Heitsch had with the parent. Trustee Jessica Cummings suggested the parent speak in the future with Associate Superintendent Dr. Aaron Johnson.


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