Farmington Schools Candidate Q&A: Claudia Heinrich

Farmington Voice sent questionnaires to Farmington Public Schools candidates running on November 3. Responses are being published in the order they were received. Read all of our election coverage here:

Claudia Heinrich
Claudia Heinrich (contributed)

Claudia Heinrich (two-year term)

Farmington Public Schools trustees recently approved a diversity proclamation, with one trustee dissenting. Please share your thoughts about the proclamation.

I believe that the diversity proclamation acknowledges the fact that there is much work to be done in the school district to address systemic racism, bigotry, discrimination and implicit bias. That the initial proclamation was sent back to the committee to include action steps was an important step in the process. I would like to have seen an opportunity for a dialogue with the community seeking their input before the finalization and adoption of the proclamation.

COVID-19 will impact the district’s budget, perhaps for years to come. What values, concerns, and priorities will you bring to the table when it comes time to make budget decisions? 

Any and all decisions should be centered on a safe learning environment for students and staff. This means using resources to provide professional development for all staff, social emotional support staff along with a solid curriculum that addresses the needs of all learners.

Trustees have had some challenging conversations among themselves and have listened to a great deal of public comment over the past few months. What would you bring to the table to improve board relationships? How will you ensure residents’ concerns are heard and addressed? 

I feel that my lifetime experience of community involvement, my 40 year career as an educator working with students, staff, and parents along with serving on district wide committees has given me the tools to listen to and work with people to find common ground. It is important that residents know that their concerns are heard. I would maintain open and transparent communication with all stakeholders in the district.


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