Farmington school board president Jim Stark resigns

Farmington Public Schools Board of Education president Jim Stark unexpectedly resigned Tuesday.

Stark, who was appointed in July of 2016 and elected the following November, did not attend Tuesday night’s board meeting. Board Secretary Angie Smith read his resignation letter, which was addressed to Superintendent George Heitsch and copied to board members.

The letter did not indicate a reason for Stark’s resignation and read, in part:

“As you well know, I have devoted my full passion and energy to my role as a leader of the district and collaborator with you to help fulfill the mission of educating children in the safest and most productive way possible. As always, I admire your work in leading this district in such a respected way. It is my great honor to have served the students of this district.”

Terri Weems Jim Stark
Terri Weems, left, replaces Jim Stark as Farmington Public Schools Board of Education president.

Later in the meeting, trustees elected Terri Weems as board president. Also an appointee, she was elected to a full term in 2016.

Board Vice President Terry Johnson said trustees have 30 days in which to fill the vacancy. An application will be posted later this week on the district’s website.

Stark’s term expires in 2022. The appointee will serve until 2020, then may run to fill out the term.

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