With split votes, Farmington board elects new president, officers

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Farmington Public Schools trustees have elected long-time Farmington resident Jim Stark to the position of board president.

Jim Stark
Jim Stark (Farmington Public Schools)

The board also chose these new officers during a special meeting held June 22 at the Lewis Schulman Administrative Center:

  • Terry Johnson, Vice President
  • Angie Smith, Secretary
  • Mark Przeslawski, Treasurer

Jessica Cummings, David Turner, and Terri Weems continue as trustees. The officers will serve during the 2018-2019 school year.

None of the new officers received unanimous support. Here’s how the voting played out:

  • Cummings nominated Weems for the position of president; Johnson nominated Stark. Johnson, Smith, Przeslawski, Turner, and Stark voted for Stark.
  • Smith nominated Johnson for the position of vice president; Weems nominated Cummings. Przeslawski, Smith, Johnson, and Stark voted for Johnson.
  • Stark nominated Smith for secretary; Weems nominated Przeslawski. Johnson, Przeslawski, Smith, Turner, and Stark voted for Smith.
  • Johnson nominated Przeslawski for treasurer; Cummings nominated Weems. Stark, Przeslawski,, Smith, and Johnson voted for Przeslawski.

During the special meeting, officials also appointed several firms to represent the district in legal matters and approved a bargaining agreement with the district’s education support professionals.

Trustees praised outgoing president David Turner for his year of service. Stark complimented him on well-run and well-organized meetings. Cummings echoed those sentiments.

“You really moved us along,” she said. “I appreciate that you have set us on a path to get our business done.”

Turner thanked his colleagues, school administrators, teachers, staff, and students for their hard work.

“It’s been a pleasure leading you all through a good year,” he said.

Watch the full meeting on TV-10’s website.

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