Farmington Public Safety uses COVID funds for CPR device

Farmington Public Safety will soon have a new device designed to protect officers administering life-saving measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Council members on Monday approved the $13,185 purchase of a LUCAS 3 Chest Compression System, with an amendment to the department’s 2020-21 budget. Public Safety Director Frank Demers said the purchase is eligible for a state Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) grant, so the actual cost to the city will be $844.

LUCAS Chest Compression

Demers said his department identified a need for the device when filling out the CESF grant application, which detailed how COVID has challenged the department and how funding would help meet those challenges.

“Officers performing CPR on patients in cardiac or respiratory arrest, that obviously requires very close contact with individuals,” he said. “Over the last couple of months, we’ve had 14 instances of CPR administration with officers.”

In a memo to council members, Demers explained that officers must perform CPR for at least 30 minutes before taking a patient to the hospital.

“When hands-on CPR is performed for long periods, personal protective equipment can be less
effective in keeping the virus from spreading to first responders,” he wrote.

This video shows how the device works:

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