Farmington Public Safety honors Officer of the Year

The Farmington Public Safety Department named Sergeant Richard Friess as its 2017 Officer of the Year during the department’s annual awards and citations banquet held May 3 at the Maxfield Education Center in Farmington.

Farmington Public Safety Awards
Deputy Director Ted Warthman, left, and Director Frank Demers, right, are pictured with Sergeant Richard Friess, 2017 Officer of the Year. (Farmington Public Safety)

“Sergeant Friess’s sense of resiliency and self-motivation are just two of many traits that have earned him the distinction as Officer of the Year,” said Director Frank Demers. “He returned to full-duty in 2017 following an extended light duty assignment. As a night platoon patrol supervisor, he immediately picked up where he left off, aggressively enforcing traffic, arresting drunk drivers and performing at a high level. Sergeant Friess has consistently been a leader in drugged and drunk driving arrests and his efforts have earned him the distinction as a four-time recipient of the Mothers Against Drunk Driving Life Saver Award.”

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Farmington Public Safety Awards
Dr. Kas Buitkus received a Civilian Life Saving Award during the Farmington Public Safety Awards Ceremony. (Farmington Public Safety)

The 17-year veteran is also a licensed attorney and serves as the department’s Legal Update coordinator, sharing information on on recent court rulings affecting law enforcement and other important legal matters that may impact department operations, Demers said.

The department also honored civilians Dr. Warren Ringold, Dr. Kas Bultkus and Jason Reno with Life Saving Awards for their help in saving the lives of two choking victims. Wayne County Sheriff’s Department Corporal Carlos Banks received a Civilian Life Saving Award in recognition of his quick action in administering CPR to a man who collapsed from a heart attack.

Farmington Public Safety Awards
From left, Deputy Director Ted Warthman and Director Frank Demers congratulate Reserve Firefighter Jon Dresden, who received the 2017 Civilian of the Year Award. (Farmington Public Safety)

Farmington Public Safety Reserve Firefighter John Dresden received the 2017 Civilian of the Year award for his many contributions to the department in 2017.

More than 40 awards and citations were presented to members of the Public Safety Department in recognition of their outstanding work. Following the ceremony, Demers thanked his entire staff for continuing to work toward the department’s mission and carrying out their duties with pride, professionalism and integrity.

“We continue to meet and achieve the high standards of service that our residents and the community expect and deserve,” he said.

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