Farmington PTA Reflections art works move to national contest

The Michigan PTA (Parent Teacher Association) Reflections program has selected works by seven Farmington Public Schools (FPS) student artists for national competition.

The Reflections program encourages students to create works of art in six categories: literature, music, photography, visual arts, choreography, and film. This year’s theme is “I Matter Because…”. 

The state committee processed about 400 entries, with 25 FPS artists among the 101 winners. These moved on to the national level:

Dance – Intermediate 

Bhavya Singla – Farmington STEAM Academy

Artist’s Statement, “Hoverboard Robot Dance” – “My performance was a robot dance that describes different type of robots like cars, computers and more. How it relates to the theme I matter because In the dance I acted like a robot and robots matter because they are the future, so am I.”


Dance – Middle School

Nina Kobayashi – Farmington STEAM Academy

Artist’s statement, “A Dance Called Discovery”: “My dance connects to the theme because it shows the journey of someone who is learning to show everyone who she really is. At first, she is rejected because she is different and unique, but soon braves it and is willing to tell her own story. People say that she only matters because of her differences, but she shows them that she is so much more.”

Film – Middle School

Dayton Kress – Power Middle

Artist’s Statement, “What Would Be” – “My entry this year is a film titled “What Would Be”, and is about Trayvon Martin. After learning that he wanted to be a pilot I thought it was important to show who he could have been if he wasn’t killed at the age of 17. Everyone in this world has a purpose, but we have to be given a chance to live our life. Trayvon’s life mattered. My life matters. Our lives matter.”


Literature – Middle School

Elena Recinto – Warner Middle

Artist’s Statement, “The Waning Moon”: “My poem relates to the theme because it explains that despite your differences, and despite your flaws – you matter. We’re all people, and we’re placed on this earth. I matter. You matter. We all matter. I started off with each word lowercase, introducing Luna’s name at the beginning of the poem. But I don’t call Luna her name directly until the fifteenth stanza. I did this to create the effect that Luna doesn’t feel completely herself.”

Music – High School

Mitchell Roth – North Farmington High

Photography – Special Artist

Carter Tonnies – Power Middle

Artist’s Statement, “Splash!” – “As a rock is thrown into the water it creates a ripple effect. One rock alone can make waves. One person can also make a difference. Like a rock creating a splash, one person’s voice can add value. Though I have autism, my voice also matters. I may speak differently or not seem like I have much to say, but my opinions and feelings still count. Like each rock, each person can start a movement. Words matter. My words matter, too. Always be kind and use your words wisely.”

Farmington PTA Reflections Special Artist Splash

Visual Arts – Middle School

Brianna Murphy – Warner Middle

Artist’s Statement, “Love to Hate Me” – “My painting describes the theme because people love to hate others just because of their skin color. The color of someone’s skin should not matter, but there personality should. That is why I matter, because of my personality. I think that no one should determine my value based of my skin color.”

Farmington PTA Reflections Love to Hate Me

Others who placed at the state level include:

Dance Primary Age Group

  • Jameson Hoover – Award of Excellence – Kenbrook
  • Dedeepya Siremamilla – Honorable Mention – Hillside

Dance Intermediate Age Group

  • Micah Anderson – Honorable Mention – Hillside

Dance High School Age Group

  • FHS Student – Award of Merit – Farmington High
  • Alexis Harvey – Honorable Mention – North Farmington High

Film Middle School Age Group

  • Ariana Rogers – Honorable Mention – Farmington STEAM Academy

Literature Intermediate Age Group

  • Farrah Marshall – Award of Excellence – Gill

Literature Middle School Age Group

  • Lila Tasdemir – Award of Excellence – Warner Middle
  • Alana Roseman – Award of Merit – Warner Middle
  • Sovay Livingstone – Honorable Mention – Power Middle

Music Primary Age Group

  • Jacob Sawmiller – Honorable Mention – Forest

Photography Primary Age Group

  • Nella Allen – Award of Excellence – Hillside
  • Brennan Lamey – Honorable Mention – Forest

Photography Middle School Age Group

  • Alana Roseman – Award of Merit – Warner Middle

Photography High School Age Group

  • Calvin Murdick – Award of Merit – Farmington High

Visual Arts Primary Age Group

  • Mira Lytle – Award of Merit – Farmington STEAM Academy

Visual Arts Intermediate Age Group

  • Sai Pranav Ananthula – Honorable Mention – Longacre

Visual Arts Middle School Age Group

  • Zainab Ahmed – Honorable Mention – Farmington STEAM Academy

National winners will be announced in May. To view more local Reflections entries, visit

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