Farmington officials to hear from all Maxfield proponents

Farmington city council members will hear on Thursday from all four firms interested in redeveloping the 3-acre Maxfield Training Center property on Thomas Street.

City manager David Murphy asked officials on Monday to clarify a December 21 motion directing city staff and consultants to get more information from three of four respondents to a Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The proposals were also discussed during a December 14 special meeting.

Council member Steven Schneemann said Monday, and on December 21, that because the city received a small number of diverse submissions, “there’s a benefit in the council spending a little more time to talk with each of these candidates.”

“There’s only so much information you can get with a document or a sketch,” he said. “We can…learn some things from talking with each of the proponents.”

View the four RFQ responses:

Mayor Pro Tem Joe LaRussa clarified that the meetings would not be “an augmentation or pitch session” or an expansion of the RFQ.

“I don’t want people challenging the process or contravening or undermining the work that was done,” he said. “This would be an opportunity for people to bring forward information and clarify.”

Officials agreed to a 6 p.m., January 7 meeting. Each firm will have 15 minutes to make the same presentation given to consultants and staff. There will also be time for questions from council members.

LaRussa pointed out that development proposals are just one part of the RFQ, which also included financing, timing, and each firm’s qualifications and expertise. Officials are focused now on finding a partner for the city who can deliver a quality project on time, on budget, and with the most public benefit, he said.

“We’re at the first 5K of this marathon, so buckle up everybody,” Bowman added. “We’re going to get through this together.”

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