Farmington official wants Maxfield Training Center update

Months have passed since the last public presentation of Maxfield Training Center redevelopment plans, and one Farmington official believes the community has waited long enough.

City council member Bill Galvin raised questions about the project at the close of Monday’s council meeting. Galvin said he knows that AC Acquisitions principal Walter Cohen has had health issues, but said he’d still like to see some kind of update.

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Officials expected AC Acquisitions to present revised plans at a December Planning Commission meeting but Cohen had fallen ill. The item was not on January’s agenda either.

Economic and Community Development Director Kevin Christiansen said changes have been made to the original proposal for a 155-189 unit apartment building on the 3-acre site, located on Thomas Street north of Grand River. In addition, the developer has looked at creating a public benefit – parking – and financing alternatives.

He added that AC Acquisitions will come come back to the community “when he has the plans and is ready to move forward.”

“We’ve gone back to waiting for the developer to come back,” he said. “We can appreciate the expectations and goals of individuals who are concerned about this development.”

Galvin asked Christiansen to request something from the company for a January 29 city council meeting focused on economic development.

“I don’t think we’re looking for a proposal, let’s just get some communication from the developer,” he said.

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