Farmington Musicale awards summer scholarships

For a 12th year, the Farmington Musicale will sponsor two students to attend summer workshops on full scholarship and give partial scholarship to two others.

Tanmay Kudapur, seventh grade student of Elaine Vermiglio, and Janelle Snowden, fourth grade student of Shelly Torossian, will attend Schoolcraft College’s Piano Camp, held June 25-29.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

The scholarships are funded by Park West Gallery and other donors.

Brian Jing, a sixth grade student of Irina Semenova, will receive a $200 stipend to attend Blue Lake Fine Arts Camp as a piano major and choir minor. Austin Chasnick, a clarinet student of Fern Barber, will receive a $200 stipend to help with private clarinet lessons at Oakland University. An incoming freshman, he plans to study music education and clarinet performance.

Funding for this scholarship money came from Park West Gallery and other Farmington Musicale friends.

Schoolcraft College Summer Piano Camp reinforces the teaching students receive in their private lessons. Activities include: classes in composition, theory, aural awareness, technique, sight reading and music history. There is also a class for creating music using technology. For more information, call 734-462-4403.

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