Farmington moves Beautification Awards to 2021, nominations welcome

The Farmington Beautification Committee has decided to postpone its annual awards to 2021, but you can still nominate beautiful gardens created during the pandemic.

The committee decided on the delay due to COVID-19 concerns, hot weather, and other challenges. However, nominations made this year will held for consideration next summer, when formal awards are presented. Here’s what the committee typically looks for:

  • Eye-catching from the curb (front yard gardens only)
  • A variety of plantings (i.e. shade/sun/partial shade)
  • Uniqueness and inclusion, if any, of special hardscapes (brickwork, rocks, arbors, etc)

Send a photo of the garden, along with name, location, and contact information, by the end of July to Melissa Andrade at the City Manager’s office,

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