Farmington Library drops fines effective Monday

Farmington Community Library trustees on Thursday voted to eliminate all late fees for overdue materials, starting August 17.

Library officials had already waived late fees on materials that patrons could not return due to the March 13 COVID-19 closure. Thursday’s action during an electronic board meeting also forgives all late fees after March 13.

Fees for lost or damaged materials remain in place.

“This discussion started even before I came on board,” said Director Riti Grover, who started in January. “I feel the cause is absolutely worth it, and very worth it at this time when people’s income is being affected.”

While there would be a loss of revenue, Grover said, “I think it would bring a big relief to the community that we serve.” It may also help patrons who fear being scrutinized over not having paid their fines.

“Only a handful of people usually incur overdue fines,” she added. “This would eliminate unnecessary arguments that my staff has to face in day-to-day business. It would make for a happier patron-librarian interaction.”

Grover hopes that waiving fines will encourage patrons to use the library’s renewal system and increase circulation and patronage.

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