Farmington Library director sets listening sessions

Farmington Community Library (FCL) Director Riti Grover will host a series of Zoom listening sessions in April and May.

Riti Grover
Riti Grover (contributed)

According to the library’s website, “The purpose of these listening sessions is to serve as a problem-solving platform and to enhance relations between FCL and the community it serves. This is an opportunity to take FCL to the next level as a leader in library services.”

Participants may submit questions or concerns when they register for these events:

“Director Grover will try her best to address all submitted questions and concerns during the ninety-minute listening session,” the website notes. “Each attendee will receive three minutes maximum to speak. We ask you to offer possible solutions when discussing your concerns. Please remain respectful and refrain from naming people when discussing the issue at hand.”

All who register will be entered into a gift card raffle.

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