Farmington Hills student launches painting business

Farmington Hills resident Katherine Hutter may be just a freshman in college, but this summer, she’ll run a full-fledged painting business.

Katherine Hutter
Katherine Hutter (contributed)

Hutter is a Mercy High graduate and captained the Marlins’ swim team in her senior year. At the University of Michigan, she’s studying biopsychology and cognitive neuroscience, with a minor in business.

“Everyone has told me I should do business, but I’m more interested in science,” Hutter said.

While she studied one evening, an email popped into her inbox from Student Painters, a division of Young Entrepreneurs Across America. The company offers students across the country an entrepreneurial experience while earning tuition money.

Hutter responded, she said, because she wanted to do something that would set her apart from the crowd of students at her school. The next step: seven Zoom interviews.

“They told me the business you’re running can be worth up to $100,000, and you’re making a pretty good profit from it,” she said. “They invest $12,000 in each intern, so they want to make sure you’re not just a kid looking for something to do over the summer.”

Hutter’s last summer job was as a barista at Starbucks, so she’s looking forward to an upcoming training. As a manager, she’ll take care of marketing, payroll, customer estimates, and of course, hiring and managing a team of painters.

“I’m super-excited because it is so much more useful for my future,” she said. “I feel like I’m giving back to the community by hiring college students. For me, it’s not the income, it’s the experience and having something that sets me apart.”

If you know a college student looking for a summer job, Hutter wants to hear from you. Contact her at

“There are cool incentives and a team atmosphere,” she said.

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