Farmington, Hills set to break absent voter records – again

Voters in Farmington and Farmington Hills who have applied for an absent voter ballot should keep an eye on their mailboxes over the next week.

The Farmington Hills City Clerk’s office started delivering ballots to the local post office on Wednesday. Clerk Pam Smith said that as of Thursday, her staff had already fulfilled 28,652 ballot requests, after processing a record 18,800 for the August primary.

Farmington City Clerk Mary Mullison said her office received ballots on Tuesday and expects to have them delivered to the post office Friday afternoon. Farmington has also received a high number of requests, almost 3,400 so far. That represents nearly half of the city’s 7,600 registered voters.

Both clerks say they have fielded a large number of calls about when absent voter ballots will show up.

“We’ve been spending a good deal of time on the phone with anxious voters,” Mullison said. “People have been calling us for the last two weeks.”

Here’s what you should know about absent voter ballots:

You have to apply, and there’s still time. 

Thanks to a 2018 change in Michigan law, anyone can request an absent voter ballot. You will not receive a ballot until the clerk’s office receives and verifies your application.

You can obtain a ballot in person at your City Clerk’s Office starting September 24. If you do not bring a photo ID, you will be asked to complete an affidavit before receiving your ballot.

You can also download a ballot application online and return it to your clerk’s office by mail or in person. Applications are accepted through Monday, November 2, but if you need a ballot on November 2, you must apply and cast your ballot at the clerk’s office. The last day clerks can mail ballots is Friday, October 30.

You can mail or drop off your ballot. 

Once you’ve received and voted your ballot, you can return it in the postage-paid envelope that came with it, or drop it off at your City Hall – inside during business hours or any time using these drop boxes:

  • Farmington Hills – in front of the Police Station, 31655 W. 11 Mile Rd., and on the south entrance wall of City Hall, 31555 W. 11 Mile Rd.
  • Farmington – at the circle drive on the west side of City Hall, 23600 Liberty St.

The State of Michigan tracks your absent voter ballot. 

Visit, fill in the fields on the “Search for Your Voter Information” form, and you’ll find out whether your absent voter ballot has been received. You can also find out where you vote in person and what will be on your ballot. (Editor’s note: Information provided may not accurately reflect when your ballot was mailed. The “Ballot sent” date may indicate when your ballot was assigned by the clerk’s office.) 

If you have questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to call your City Clerk’s office. 

They can best answer questions about your ballot and provide your with accurate, election-related information.

  • Farmington – 248-474-5500, ext. 2218
  • Farmington Hills – 248-871-2410

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