Farmington Hills resident launches payroll business

Farmington Hills resident Tricia Chau has launched her innovative payroll services firm, Payroll Vault.

Tricia Chau
Tricia Chau (contributed)

The business introduces a new model for offering payroll founded on a client-focused, technology-driven approach. Payroll Vault differentiates itself from competitors by offering a highly simplified and localized payroll process that also delivers a high level of personalized service.

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“Our clients know who we are and can pick up the phone and speak to the same specialist every time they have a question or need information,” Chau said. “That’s critical to an entrepreneur who is often managing multiple roles within their business. Rather than rely on a generic call center with large payroll software providers, business owners now have the option to work with a payroll company that knows their community, because we’re a part of it.”

Payroll Vault provides a simplified, compliance driven payroll process that alleviates the worry of costly payroll software and keeping up with compliance regulations. The company also offers human resources support, workforce management, labor poster compliance, background checks and drug screening services to clients through a fully vetted executive partner network.

“While we consider ourselves payroll experts,” said Chau, “we look at the entire business when assessing a client’s payroll needs and leverage our strategic partnerships to identify and recommend other areas where there may be opportunities for efficiency improvements or risk mitigation. We want to be the locally trusted, scalable and comprehensive solution for business owners to connect systems and consolidate costs where possible.”

Payroll Vault also offers a remote option for payroll processing and mobile access for location-independent management teams and staff.

Chau purchased a Payroll Vault franchise from founder, Sean Manning, CPA, after witnessing the success and client loyalty within other Payroll Vault firms. Manning has refined the payroll business model over several years to offer one with proven success.

“I spent a great deal of time searching for an opportunity where I could build upon my previous experience and feel more connected to my work,” said Chau. “When I came across the Payroll Vault opportunity, I immediately knew it was the perfect fit. I love who it serves, and I love who I get to work with every day. The success of other owners and efficiency and ease of setup offered by the Payroll Vault model made it an even easier choice. The Payroll Vault brand will certainly move us and our clients toward expanded business success.”

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