Farmington Hills police officer helps with a ‘special delivery’

A Farmington Hills police officer who helped a local couple get to the hospital in time for the birth of their son recently got to meet his “special delivery”.

Baby George with Officer Theisen
Kimberly Koenigbauer, baby George, and big sister Lucy, are pictured with Officer Matt Theisen. (City of Farmington Hills)

Officer Matt Theisen, an eight-year department veteran, was driving on April 6 along Drake Road south of 12 Mile , when a vehicle pulled alongside his patrol car. The worried driver said, “My wife is in serious labor right now, and we’re headed to Henry Ford West Bloomfield. Can you help us out?”

Without hesitation, Theisen turned on his lights and siren and told the Koenigbauers, “Just follow me.” As he cleared the way, both vehicles headed north on Drake. Shortly after they arrived at Henry Ford West Bloomfield Hospital, the Koenigbauers welcomed their son, George, into the world.

During a recent reunion, Theisen met George, and the Koenigbauers expressed their gratitude for his help on that extraordinary day.

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