Farmington Hills mobile home park gets smoke alarm ‘blitz’

Farmington Hills firefighters last week continued their mission to keep residents safe, with a third “Smoke Alarm Blitz” held on Wednesday, August 14, at Leblanc Trailer Park on Hamilton Ave.

Crews installed 49 state-funded smoke alarms and 21 state-funded carbon monoxide alarms, in 21 homes, all at no cost. They also shared fire prevention information with residents.

Farmington Hills Fire Department Smoke Alarm Blitz
Farmington Hills Fire Department smoke alarm installation crew (left to right) – Senior Firefighter Kevin Steen, Firefighter Jamal Nichols, Lt. Larry Gauthier, Lt. Dennis Firment, Sgt. Eric Alonzo, Inspector Stan Barnes, Inspector Don Alati, Senior Firefighter Mike Rucinski, Lt. Jamie Neufeld, and Fire Marshal Jason Baloga (City of Farmington Hills)

In 2018, the state of Michigan saw an increase in fire-related deaths, and four of those deaths occurred in Farmington Hills. So far in 2019, Farmington Hills firefighters have installed a total of 672 smoke alarms, 92 carbon monoxide alarms, and one bed shaker alarm (for those who have difficulty hearing audible alarms), provided by MI Prevention, the American Red Cross, and the Brighton Area Fire Department.

Farmington Hills Fire Marshall
Farmington Hills Fire Marshal Jason Baloga (City of Farmington Hills)

“The campaign’s success is due to the on-duty crews stepping up and installing alarms in between responding to emergencies,” Fire Marshal Jason Baloga said in a press release. “We’ll work tirelessly to protect our residents and reduce deaths in house fires.”

The Fire Department recommends that smoke alarms are installed on each level of the home, in every bedroom, each hallway, and in all other living areas. If you are a Farmington Hills resident in need, if you have any questions or need help installing smoke alarms in your home, call the Department, 248-871-2800.

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