Farmington Hills manager lauded as ‘consummate professional’

Farmington Hills officials voted Monday to start looking for a new city manager, but first, they said goodbye to the current one.

Dave Boyer
Farmington Hills City Manager Dave Boyer (City of Farmington Hills)

After five years in his current position and a total of 22 as a city employee, Dave Boyer earlier this month submitted his resignation. Boyer’s family has been living in their northern Michigan home; he’s preparing to join them.

“We made a hard decision to move and go north,” Boyer said during Monday’s city council meeting.  “I’ve got 34-plus years of community service… between here and Southfield, and it’s been the greatest time of my life.”

Mayor Vicki Barnett was a city council member 22 years ago when Boyer was hired as Director of
Special Services. During his tenure, the city developed the William Grace Dog Park and a splash pad at Heritage Park. As city manager, Boyer has overseen development of The Hawk, a state-of-the-art community center on the site of the former Harrison High School.

“We threw a lot at you,” Barnett said, “and you dealt with all of that with patience and a little twinkle in your eye. I think at the end of the day, you had a good time. You’ve been an excellent city manager. You’ve been good to our employees.”

Several officials described Boyer as a “consummate professional”.

“When we promoted you to become the city manager, you had a tough act to follow,” council member Ken Massey said. “You did it with poise, you did it with professionalism, you did it with commitment.”

After approving a resolution that commends Boyer for “exemplary service”, officials approved a $20,200 contract with the Michigan Municipal League (MML) to conduct a search for his replacement. The package includes creating candidate and community profiles, advertising the position, pre-screening candidates, help with interviews and “meet and greet” community events (likely virtual), and enhanced background checks.

A representative of MML, a nonprofit association that provides advocacy and services for Michigan communities, reviewed enhanced and regular packages and options during a 6 p.m. study session. After hearing the presentation, Massey said, he supported the larger package, because “the careful selection process will be paramount to finding the type of city manager this community needs.” 

The search process is expected to take about 120 days.

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