Farmington Hills K-9 team saves a life in Livonia fire

An off-duty Farmington Hills Police officer and his K-9 partner rescued an elderly woman on October 25 after a fire fully engulfed her home.

Officer Ryan Yudt and his K-9 partner Dozer spotted heavy smoke at around 2:45 p.m. in a subdivision near Farmington and Six Mile Roads. Yudt discovered the fire before the Livonia Fire Department received any calls reporting it.

Farmington Hills Police Officer Ryan Yudt and K9 Dozer
Farmington Hills Police Officer Ryan Yudt and K9 Dozer (City of Farmington Hills)

After a group of neighbors told him an elderly might be inside the house, Yudt tried to get through the front door but met with heavy smoke and extreme heat. He got in through the back, found the disoriented resident, and carried her out of the home to safety.

Livonia firefighters arrived and put out the fire, then took over the woman’s treatment.

Livonia Michigan house fire
Farmington Hills Officer Ryan Yudt carried an elderly woman safely out of this Livonia house fire. (City of Farmington Hills)

“If not for the heroic intervention of Officer Yudt, this resident may not have survived the smoke and fire spreading rapidly throughout her home,” Police Chief Jeff King said in a press release. “Our Department is proud of Officer Yudt’s actions in saving this woman’s life. His conduct is indicative of the extraordinary bravery of our Officers and their commitment to serving and ensuring the safety of all citizens, regardless of circumstances or zip code.”

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