Farmington Hills judge sends Galloway to trial for Stislicki murder

Floyd Galloway Jr.
Floyd Galloway Jr. (State of Michigan)

On Tuesday, 47th District Court Judge James Brady ordered Floyd Galloway, Jr. to stand trial for the murder of Farmington Hills resident Danielle Stislicki.

Stislicki was last seen leaving the MetLife building in Southfield on December 2, 2016. Farmington Hills Police conducted an extensive search, executed dozens of search warrants, and in 2017, identified Galloway, a former security guard in the building where Stislicki worked, as a “person of interest”.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

Although Stislicki’s body has not been found, Galloway faces a charge of first-degree murder. In his ruling, Brady said after listening to 15 witnesses and viewing 45 exhibits, “the only possible decision when it comes to bind over is that, in fact, the crime of first degree, premeditated murder has been committed, and there is probable cause, overwhelming probable cause, that defendant Floyd Galloway, Jr. committed that crime.”

Galloway will remain in custody; he’s serving a 16-35 year sentence for the 2017 kidnapping and attempted rape of a Livonia woman. He’ll be tried in Oakland County’s Sixth Circuit Court in Pontiac.


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