Farmington Hills Indian restaurant strives for consistent tastes

Assad Baig and Sharath Kamarapu come from different countries, but have combined the best of their cultures to create a unique new restaurant.

Mazaa Biryani Corner
Assad Baig and Sharath Kamarapu opened Mazaa Biryani Corner in December.

Mazaa Biryani Corner officially opened on December 24. The partners decided to forge ahead despite the COVID-19 pandemic, because they were sure of their plans.

“We said we can delay, but we will open no matter what the date,” Baig said.

Mazaa Biryani Corner
A new dish, Tandoori Fish, is available for a limited time at Mazaa Biryani Corner. (contributed)

Even though they did not advertise, word-of-mouth has earned them support from the community. The menu includes vegetarian options and centers around biryani, a dish that can be made with marinated chicken or goat and basmati rice.

Mazaa Biryani CornerKamarapu, who operated another restaurant for more than two years, said he wanted to introduce a biryani with flavors from south India, where most people enjoy spicier foods. Baig, a native of Pakistan, said food there tends to be less spicy.

“We try to get it the best from both of our countries,” Kamarapu said.

Having worked in the area, Baig said, he has sampled food from similar restaurants, and found “some good, some not so good.”

Mazaa Biryani Corner“Some of these dishes are complex,” he said. “We wanted to get that consistency and flavor.”

Baig and Kamarapu said they met through work and mutual friends. Both feel that the combination of lower prices and higher quality is a winning formula.

“We know we’re going to maintain consistency and quality,” Kamarapu said. “We know we’re going to succeed at this.”

Mazaa Biryani Corner is located at 38245 W. 10 Mile Rd. Learn more and view the menu at


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