Farmington Hills firefighters ‘blitz’ neighborhood with alarms

Farmington Hills firefighters on July 16 partnered with MI Prevention to install life-saving alarms at the Sunset Mobile Village trailer park in the city’s southeast area.

Smoke Alarm Blitz
Lieutenant Larry Gauthier provided an informational briefing to the Smoke Alarm Installation Crew that included Lieutenant Andre Gardenhire, Lieutenant Dennis Firment, Sergeant Eric Alonzo, Inspector Don Alati, Inspector Stan Barnes, and Firefighter Ryan Smith. (City of Farmington Hills)

In all, firefighters hooked up 33 state-funded smoke alarms and 16 carbon monoxide alarms as part of the department’s ongoing campaign to prevent fires from growing out of control with vital early notification from working smoke alarms.

Jon Aldred for Farmington Hills City Council

“When we aren’t responding to emergencies, our firefighters have been busy installing smoke alarms,” said Fire Marshal Jason Baloga. “If you are a Farmington Hills resident in need, the Fire Department will do everything possible to ensure that you are protected with working smoke alarms.”

In 2018, the state of Michigan saw an increase in fire-related deaths, including four in Farmington Hills. Grant funding for the “Smoke Alarm Blitz” ensures the program has little or no impact on state and local government budgets.

The department recommends installing smoke alarms on each level of a home, in every bedroom, each hallway, and in all other living areas.

If you have any questions or need help installing smoke alarms in your home, call 248-871-2800.

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