Farmington Hills Fire Department recommends ‘Knox Box’

Because every second counts in an emergency, Farmington Hills Fire Department recommends that all residents, especially those who live alone or have medical conditions, become familiar with the File of Life and Knox Box programs.

Knox Box

Contained in a red, magnetic pouch, The File of Life can be posted prominently on your refrigerator and keeps your latest medical information such as allergies, medications, and contact persons, all in one easily accessible place. Using this information, first responders can immediately begin the best possible treatment, notify loved ones, and pass life-saving data on to awaiting physicians at the emergency room.

The File of Life is available free at Farmington Hills Fire Department Headquarters, 31455 W. 11 Mile Road on the municipal campus.

The Knox Box Rapid Access System allows emergency crews to gain entry into your home even when your door is locked. The small safe holds entry keys, medical information, and contact names. It hooks securely over the top of an exterior door and is not removable once the door is shut.

First responders are able to access all Knox Boxes with a single master key that is safely controlled by the Fire Department.

The Knox Box eliminates the delay if the person inside can’t answer the door due to illness or disability. Plus, first responders won’t need to force the door open or break windows to gain entry, thus reducing the chance of injury and minimizing property damage. The Knox Box also decreases dependence on neighbors or family members who may have misplaced the house key or may be unavailable when emergency help arrives.

Order the Knox Box at; when it arrives, call the Fire Department to have a firefighter secure your keys inside the safe.

To learn more, call the Farmington Hills Fire Department at 248-871-2820. If you live in Farmington, call Public Safety, 248-474-4700.

Correction: The name of the Knox Box was incorrectly spelled in the original headline on this post. 

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