Farmington Hills family’s curbside pantry helps neighbors

by Beverly Church

Inspired by a Bible passage in which the faithful shared what they owned with others, the Skaff family recently set up a curbside pantry in the Springbrook neighborhood in Farmington Hills.

Acts 4 Pantry
The Skaff family put together this curbside pantry. (Beverly Church)

Julie, her husband, Ryan, and their three sons, loaded the pantry with non-perishable food items and paper products, as well as books, games and puzzles. Then she posted it on NextDoor, a website where neighbors can share information and resources.

Called the Acts 4 Store, Skaff said, “It’s inspired by Chapter 4 of the Book of Acts when believers were truly one family and shared what they had with each other.”

Acts 4 Pantry
(Beverly Church)

She was also inspired by those who are reaching out to others during this challenging time.

“There are lots of amazing people in our community who are using this time to spread hope and share love for each other,” she said. “We were inspired by the kindness of others.”

So far, said Skaff, the response has been great, noting that more people have been adding to the pantry than have been taking.

“We’ve had an outpouring of support and thankfulness,” she said.

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