Farmington Hills extends COVID-related outdoor seating

Farmington Hills officials on Monday extended the city’s outdoor seating season a third time to help businesses through the continuing COVID-19 pandemic.

Council members in June 2020 relaxed the rules that allow businesses to set up extended outdoor seating and customer service areas. They reauthorized it in January, excluding salons and barbershops.

City attorney Steve Joppich said the new resolution would “continue, readopt, and renew the outdoor seating special license process”. The draft resolution set an October 31 expiration date, but officials during a 6 p.m. study session extended it through the end of the year. 

The resolution emphasizes the purpose is to help businesses deal with social distancing and occupancy limitations.

“We want to keep everybody in business, and we want to keep everybody comfortable,” Mayor Vicki Barnett said. 

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